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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Is Judas In an Eternal Hell?

Jared at the Thinklings Blog today asks about the fate of Judas. I find this question interesting, and even led a Bible study on the subject once upon a time, based on the book by the Fuller Seminary professor Ray Anderson, The Gospel According to Judas. In the book, Anderson postulates an afterlife encounter between Jesus and Judas. The dialogue leads to Judas acceptance of Jesus' forgiveness. An example of that dialogue:

Judas: "I will always be remembered as the one who betrayed You. I had no explanation to give, no justification for my action. I regretted it immediately--but regret is a bitter tonic that never cures."

Jesus: "Betrayal is a transaction between two, the betrayer and the betrayed, with both having a certain power in the exchange. Your power, Judas, was to destroy the relation; Mine to preserve it."

What I found so powerful about this book is the idea that Judas could be redeemed, and therefore, so can I. The subtitle to Anderson's book is: "Is There a Limit to God's Forgiveness?". Anderson answers with a resounding, "No." I think George MacDonald and Ray Anderson would have had a lot in common.