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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Meta-Post #2

"Meta-Post": a post about posting and this blog. Thanks to Siris from whom I stole (the sincerest form of flattery?) the html-formatting for my redesigned panel and web-links. So now instead of a continuous set of links, I have separated out the web-links into the following:

  • George MacDonald related sites
  • Sites that provide convenient resources relevant to this blog: I especially like the Bible Quote site--though I wonder if they would approve of the way I use it?!
  • Sites that are on-topic for the threads discussed here, but are not specifically George MacDonald sites, and
  • An actual "blogroll".


  • Siris is the first of several blogs related to religion and philosophy I have discovered in this new world of the "blogosphere". The author, Brandon Watson, is a professor of (UPDATE: finishing graduate school and teaching classes in) Philosophy at the University of Toronto. The continuous posts on his blog occasionally stretch my comprehension, which is a good thing.
  • Mark Roberts, a Prolific Presbyterian Pastor (hey -- how about that alliteration?) who can crank out sermon-blogs faster than I can read them.
  • North Western Winds, a blog by a Canadian who says he is inspired by JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis and GK Chesterton. Anyone inspired by that crew is someone who might inspire me too.
  • Reflections of a Happy Old Man. Here I have seen some thought-provoking posts about the origin of faith, and some comparisons between Christianity and Buddhism. As with the other blogs in this roll, I don't select blogs based on whether or not I agree with them, but whether or not I find them interesting.
  • The Dawn Treader. Well, when I was growing up, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, book 3 (original ordering) of the Narnia Chronicles, by CS Lewis, was my favorite book. I loved especially the chapter on the "Island of Dreams", the story of the wizard and the monopods, the island where Caspian finds a fallen star, the redemption of Eustace (who had been turned into a dragon), and the final voyage of Reepicheep. So I can't help but tune in to this one.
  • Thinklings, which I take to be a mutation of "Inklings". This seems to be a pretty fancy community blog which pays homage to CS Lewis and company (Tolkien and Williams), and has interesting threads recently such as "Is Judas in Hell", to which I've responded in this blog. I think the Thinklings discussion in this case went in a more traditional direction than I did, but I enjoy the topic nevertheless. The site tends to delve into politics and trivia pretty often, not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • The Micah Mandate, which I discovered while composing this post! I'm interested in the discussion about Shermer and skepticism, since I'm sympathetic to healthy skepticism, but while atheism can be made self-consistent, I don't think a completely consistent atheistic world view will be found to be livable.

Oh, and finally, Meta-Post #1 is here, but is completely uninteresting. Don't click through. :)