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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

GMD on Prayer

One of the topics I enjoy from George MacDonald is that of prayer. In At the Back of the Northwind, in Chapter 30, we are told of an orphan girl, a "crossing sweeper" (who would sweep the street crossings with her broom in return for a few coppers), who has a dream. In the dream, she has an adventure with the man in the moon. At the beginning of the dream, she meets him and sees the stars in the sky, seemingly for the first time in her life:

After this he said nothing for a while, and I laid myself on the floor of his garret, and stared up and around at the great blue beautifulness. I had forgotten him almost, when at last he said: 'Ain't you done yet?' 'Done what?' I asked. 'Done saying your prayers,' says he. 'I wasn't saying my prayers,' I answered. 'Oh, yes, you were,' said he, 'though you didn't know it!

I love the idea of a little pagan girl, adoring creation, and in so doing, adoring the Creator without knowing she is doing so. I identify with her, and so I appreciate George MacDonald attributing something positive to her.

Perhaps this is what the girl saw? Click on the image to see a larger (and more beautiful) version.