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Friday, April 08, 2005

Can Girly Men withstand a Gurly Wind?

And now for a Scottish Brogue break: in my reading this week, I came across the following:

When we came out of the church, it was cloudy and dark, and the wind was blowing cold from the sea. The sky was covered with one cloud, but the waves tossing themselves against the rocks, flashed whiteness out of the general gloom. As the tide rose, the wind increased. It was a night of surly temper---hard and gloomy. Not a star cracked the blue above---there was no blue; and the wind was gurly....

George MacDonald, The Seaboard Parish

On a hunch that "gurly" means something other than Schwarzenegger's "Girly-men", I looked this up and found the following song from the Scots Independent online newspaper:

'They hadna sail'd a league, a league
A league but barely three,
When the lift grewe dark and the wind blew loud,
And gurly grewe the sea.'

The page also provided an audio definition of gurly. It'll be my new word for the week.