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Saturday, April 19, 2008

GMD on my Kindle!

I am now a happy "early-adopter" of the Kindle. Didn't feel that early as I was on the waiting list for awhile, but my Kindle says it thanks me for being an early adopter. Anyway, I decided to buy the Kindle when I did a search on the Amazon Kindle store and found my favorite George MacDonald books all available in Kindle format, and fairly inexpensive as well. (I really don't mind paying for these books more than once.)

Now that I have my Kindle, I find it really works well: the e-ink technology really is relaxing on the eyes, just as everyone seems to be saying it is, and the device just seems to disappear in your hand and let you focus on reading. It doesn't take long before I forget that I'm holding a reader and not a bound set of pages.

But the point of this post was my discovery this morning that all GMD works are available free online (I knew that -- it's a link on this blog) AND in Kindle format. Here's the link. Kindle format is the first option in's list of download formats.